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Radial Engineering Hotshot Abo Line Output  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Hotshot Abo Line Output Selector
The Radial Engineering HotShot ABo balanced line output selector does the work of setting the path you want for your sound between 2 destinations. The completely passive HotShot ABo does not require powering of any type to work its latching switch. The multi-purpose HotShot ABo simplifies on-off and diversion control over audio signals. Radial outfits the selector with useful features such as grounding options and level adjustments to conform to a wide variety of applications.Critical to its performance is the HotShot ABo’s rugged 14-gauge steel construction and ultra compact footprint. Use your HotShot ABo in the most demanding professional applications while enjoying years of trouble-free performance.The Radial HotShot ABo can be used in a variety of applications including driving 2 channels on a mixing console for dry and wet effects routing; to divert a mic from the PA system to the monitors or intercom; for temporarily muting the audio signal such as when coughing; and for talkback mic control.Ultra compact and extremely rugged, the Radial Engineering HotShot ABo is made tough for years of trouble free performance and is backed with a 3-year transferable warranty.On-stage line output signal AB redirectorToggle switch for one-push operationPads allow using devices with different signal levelsGround lift to eliminate buzz caused by ground loopsHeavy-duty construction, switches and components
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