Radial Engineering 8Ox Eight Channel 3-Way …

Radial Engineering 8Ox Eight Channel 3-Way  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering 8Ox Eight Channel 3-Way Microphone Splitter
The Radial 8ox is a high performance, 8-channel mic splitter with 3 outputs on each channel: a direct output for 48V phantom return, and auxiliary output with ground lift switch and a transformer isolated output. Although primarily designed for mic signals, the 8ox is equipped with a 20dB pad for line level sources. This makes the rackmountable 8ox highly adaptable for all types of signal splitting and particularly well-suited to accommodate live recording by delivering a transformer isolated audio signal path for the recording engineer while providing a direct feed to the front of house and monitor consoles.For maximum flexibility, several connector options are available: Inputs may be accessed via the front panel using standard XLRs or on the rear panel with choice of 25-pin D-subs wired to the TASCAM standard or Euro screw-down terminal connectors. Outputs include D-Subs and Euro connectors, which are also located on the rear panel. These make it easy to connect to popular multitrack recording systems while providing easy termination for permanent installations. Because it is 100% passive, it does not require any power to make it work and maximum durability is ensured with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel construction throughout. Comes standard with a custom wound Radial transformer. The Radial 8ox is a great sounding splitter that’s easy to use, compact and convenient.Compact 8-channel multipurpose mic splitterRear panel D-sub and Phoenix screw terminalsIdeal for live recording and signal distributionProvide broadcast or podcast feedFacilitate in-ear monitoring system
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