Primacoustic Offset Impaler For Mounting …

Primacoustic Offset Impaler For Mounting  ...Primacoustic – Primacoustic Offset Impaler For Mounting Broadway Acoustic Panels 8 Count
Primacoustic Offset impalers provide the installer with a simple, quick and effective method of mounting Broadway fiberglass acoustic panels onto studio walls while creating an air cavity behind the panel to increase bass absorption. The Offset impaler features a U-shaped design that elevates the noise absorbing panel from the wall by 3.5″ making it easy to align with typical 2×4 studs. The panel is held in place using a series of sharp protruding darts that penetrate the panel to secure it during installation. To ensure panels do not get dislodged after installation, applying a dab of construction adhesive to the impaler darts during the mounting process adds a level of security and reduces opportunity for tampering. Impalers are installed using typical sheet rock anchors and screws and therefore, will not cause serious surface defacement to your wall.Primacoustic Offset impalers offer an effective method to increase bass absorption by introducing an air space behind sound absorbing panels. By adding the cavity, an additional octave of bass attenuation can be achieved.Material: 20 gauge galvanized steelDimensions: 3″ (76mm) x 5″ (127mm); Offset = 3.5″ (89mm) from wall surfaceAttachment Points: 4 (Use an appropriate fastener for wall surface)Max Load Limit: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg.) Dependant on wall fastenerNumber per box: 8 per boxOrder Number: F101-1035-00
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