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Primacoustic Broadway Audio Control Columns  ...Primacoustic – Primacoustic Broadway Audio Control Columns With Beveled Edges 2X12x48 Black
Primacoustic Broadway Control Columns are an attractive, easy-to-install acoustic treatment when you want to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo and reduce standing waves.Made from high density 6 pound per cubic foot high density fiberglass, Broadway Control Columns are designed to be positioned in arrays to treat bothersome reflections that exist between the sound source and the listener. The panels are typically spread across a wall leaving space in between each panel. This allows some of the energy to reflect back into the room and not completely deaden the space. This helps control acoustic problems while leaving a sense of ‘air’ or natural ambiance.The Control Column’s long narrow design is reminiscent of the historic Roman pillar making it an ideal complement to the most demanding architectural designs. This makes Broadway Control Columns an excellent choice in live-end, dead-end designs such as in studios and home theaters. The acoustic colums also provide a cost-effective alternative for larger spaces such as music practice rooms, dance studios, fitness centers and classrooms that need to be tamed to reduce reverberation. The Primacoustic Broadway series is a range of high performance acoustic panels designed for use in the most demanding commercial applications where performance and safety are of utmost concern.Broadway panels are 4 to 5 times denser than typical acoustic foam resulting in greater sound absorption. Each panel is fully encapsulated with micromesh and features resin hardened edges. This retains the minute fiberglass strands while the ‘sharp edges’ accentuate the contrast in more demanding architectural installations. For greater flexibility, four standard panel sizes are available all of which may be ordered in varying thicknesses. The panels are then covered in an acoustically transparent fabric and offered in three ‘neutral’ colors: black, beige and grey. Panels may alternately be coveHigh density absorptive panelsEffectively controls primary reflectionsEasy to install on practically any surfaceAttractive ‘Roman Pillar’ design in choice of colorsFabric covered acoustic panels with hardened resin edgesMade from high density 6 lb per cubic foot fiberglassBroadband absorption with various sizes and depthsClass-1 fire rated for safety and ASTM tested performance12 panels per box
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