Pearl Hybrid Exotic Vectorcast Snare Drum 14 …

Pearl Hybrid Exotic Vectorcast Snare Drum 14  ...Pearl – Pearl Hybrid Exotic Vectorcast Snare Drum 14 X 6.5 In.
The Hybrid Exotic line of snare drums from Pearl feature three unique “hybrid” shell compositions to provide a new sonority in the snare drum market.A single tiny strand can make all the difference in the world. Beginning with a composite material filament and resin thread, Pearl’s new VectorCast shell is formed around a mandrel in an X-pattern; creating a thin, high-strength shell that “flexes” with each strike. Its characteristic sound is both lively and fat, and is a vast departure from other synthetics like acrylic or carbon fiber.To maintain tuning tension rods across the batter head, all Hybrid Exotic snare drums feature Pearl’s Spin-Tight Tension Rods. The elegantly simple innovation creates a tension rod-within-a-tension rod, that allows the rod to expand and lock into place within the swivel nut. Utilizing a special drum key, tunings can be controlled inder high-impact playing like never before.Each Hybrid Exotic drum is 14″ in width, and is offered in both a 5″ and 6.5″ depth, as well as a 8″ depth for Kapur/Fiberglass shells. All Hybrid Exotic snares are equipped with Pearl’s acclaimed SuperHoop II hoops, STL-100 lugs, SR-1000 strainer, Coated Ambassador batter head, and chrome hardware.Vectorcast shell (composite filament and resin thread)Superhoop II drum hoopsSR-1000 Glide-Lock strainerSTL-100 lugs (10)SPT-5047 Spin-Tight tension rodsRemo Coated Ambassador head14 x 5″ or 14 x 6-1/2″
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