Patricola Pt.1 Rigoletto Oboe …

Patricola Pt.1 Rigoletto Oboe  ...Patricola – Patricola Pt.1 Rigoletto Oboe Rosewood
The Patricola PT.1 Rigoletta oboe is a symphony-quality oboe handmade in Italy. Patricola is among the most respected instrument makers in the world. Their oboes and clarinets are routinely found in the hands of some of the world’s greatest musicians. Improvements in this popular design continue to be implemented in reiterations of this instrument. The 2013 improvements include greater harmonic complexity, better projection on higher notes and an overall fine-tuning of its already renowned intonation. This is the rosewood version of the PT.1.Semi-automatic systemHand-crafted by master buildersImpeccable reputationFirst quality materials
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