P. Mauriat Pmb-500Bxsk ‘Black Pearl’ …

P. Mauriat Pmb-500Bxsk 'Black Pearl'  ...P. Mauriat – P. Mauriat Pmb-500Bxsk ‘Black Pearl’ Professional Bartione Saxophone
The P. Mauriat PMB-500BX features a sharp, cutting tone and unusually clear sound across the range of the horn. The beautiful black nickel plating is complimented with beautiful contrasting keywork, adding a beautiful aesthetic to a wonderfully ergonomic design. It features great balance and as such, great comfort, alongside a clear and engaging tone that lets your section, the band and the audience know precisely where you stand.Sharp, cutting soundStunning finishExtensive filligreeAbalone key touchesBroad range
P. Mauriat, Professional Baritone & Bass Saxophones PMB-500BXSK