P. Mauriat Pmb-302 Professional Baritone …

P. Mauriat Pmb-302 Professional Baritone  ...P. Mauriat – P. Mauriat Pmb-302 Professional Baritone Saxophone Gold Lacquer
The P. Mauriat PMB-302 is built with a the section player in mind, but also focuses intently on making sure the soloing range is clear and well-defined. Its voice in the tenor range should satisfy any baritone jazz soloist. The timbre of a soloing baritone has its own character, its own charm and its own space in the history of jazz. The PMB-302 is relatively light and is blessed with excellent clarity and projection. If you’re playing some yakity-sax type 50s rock on your baritone, this is a perfect horn for that application as well. A lot of the recorded material within that genre had baritones doing the soloing. The fire of a good soling baritone player cannot be overstated, so if you love being at the bottom but you have a soloing imagination that earns you a spot on top, this is a horn well woth considering. Choose between gold lacquer and unlacquered finishes.Great clarity and projectionLight and easy to maneuverHandcrafted in FranceBeautiful available finishesGreat soloing voiceFat bottom end
P. Mauriat, Professional Baritone & Bass Saxophones PMB-302GL