P. Mauriat Greg Osby Signature Series …

P. Mauriat Greg Osby Signature Series  ...P. Mauriat – P. Mauriat Greg Osby Signature Series Professional Alto Saxophone Cognac Lacquered Body, Sterling Silver Neck, Plated Bell
In early 2011 Greg Osby approached P. Mauriat with several ideas about how the ideal alto saxophone should sound and look. After two years of intense research and design, the Greg Osby Signature model has arrived! Modeled on the SYSTEM-76 body tube, this horn has a shimmer to it that is unrivaled. The combination of different metal alloys and finishes allow the player to achieve a depth of sound that is complex, full, and lush.P. Mauriat and Greg both felt it essential that he be involved in each point of design. From the shape of certain keys, to their placement, to the type of pads and resonators, Greg made sure each facet of the horn was reimagined. No key was left untouched, each detail was perfected, and the result is a unique alto built for players who expect the most out of their instrument.Greg Osby is a player without equal and his signature model alto is without equal. Only 100 will be made and each carries its own discrete number. Which number will be yours?Two neck options – Each horn comes with either a sterling silver (SYSTEM-76GOSS) or silver plated nickel silver neck (SYSTEM-76GOSP)No high F#Redesigned C/Eb right pinky keysStronger 4-point brace body to bell braceC key and Low B keys with double armsNo lyre structurePisoni Pro 109GD Pads with gold-plated resonatorsCognac lacquered body and keysSilver plated left thumb pad and right thumb hookSilver plated body-to-bow ring, bow and bellEngravings all over: on the bell (2 dragons, one on the outside, one on the opening), bow (waves), body (clouds) and keys from the low C to Bb.Comes standard in the P. Mauriat Pro-contoured hard casePersonally signed Certificate of AuthenticityONLY 100 will be made!
P. Mauriat, Professional Alto Saxophones SYSTEM-76GOSS