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The Oleg Maestro Flute sound concept is the result of more than 25 years of acoustical research, and direct input from the world’s top players. Oleg Flutes are designed for a wider dynamic range, immediate response and a comfortable ergonomic feel. Noted for their craftsmanship, fine key-work and Double Parabola acoustics, the Oleg Maestro flutes have generated an enthusiastic following among professional and student players alike.A consistent favorite of comparative blind tests against other well regarded brands, The Oleg Maestro flute immediately evokes a WOW! response. The Maestro flute is endorsed by many of the most recognizable names in the classical and jazz music business and regarded as a radical step towards a better music making experienceOpen HoleSterling Silver BodyB Foot, Split EGizmo keyGold SpringsIncludes Case, Cleaning Rod & Cleaning Cloth
Oleg, Professional Flutes 900