Metric Halo Lio-8 8 Channel (1-8) Uln-R …

Metric Halo Lio-8 8 Channel (1-8) Uln-R  ...METRIC HALO – Metric Halo Lio-8 8 Channel (1-8) Uln-R Preamp Kit
This Kit adds channels 1-8 of ULN-R preamps to a LIO-8. These are the same preamps as used in the ULN-8. When Metric Halo introduced the ULN-8, people raved about the sonic quality, the features, and the power of the architecture. This item is for engineers and studio owners who have the LIO-8, but acquired it either before the pres were available, or who acquired the LIO-8 with the intention of getting preamps later. This is a bank of eight pres for the LIO-8.Note: You can also upgrade your processing by adding the +DSP license, which adds over 100 plug-ins to your LIO and gives you the ability to create and save complex processing “graphs” as well as access to factory supplied “macros” including processors, amp simulators and more. You can find out more about +DSP here. Adding +DSP to your LIO is easy, just put the software license code into MIO Console and your box is unlocked.The Ultimate Digital UpgradeThe LIO-8 is a great way to upgrade your audio system. Put it between your existing gear and your DAW to get all of the benefits of our analog design, conversion technology and DSP without ripping your room apart. Adding a LIO to an analog console is like buying new converters and getting a digital mixer with total recall for free. Using our ConsoleConnect technology you can insert EQs, compressors, gates, reverbs and more into the v.5 Mixer and have all your routing and settings recalled with your DAW session.
METRIC HALO, Microphone Preamps 003-11013/16X2