Markbass Mini Cmd 121P 1X12 Bass Combo …

Markbass Mini Cmd 121P 1X12 Bass Combo  ...Markbass – Markbass Mini Cmd 121P 1X12 Bass Combo Amp
The Markbass Mini CMD 121P is a bass combo amplifier that gives you fat sound with electric or acoustic basses. That makes the Mini CMD 121P amp perfect for rehearsal studios or small club applications. The Markbass Mini CMD 121P comes with a built-in Little Mark II bass head in the top rear area. Bassists will appreciate the Markbass-designed Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator and Variable Pre-shape Filter which help give this Mini CMD a warm natural sound. The Little Mark II also has a Neutrik Speakon combo jack output that accepts both Speakon or 1/4″ speaker cable as well as a second 1/4″ speaker out jack so you can hook up to another 8 ohm cab for a 500W rig. You’ll also find a balanced XLR out, unbalanced tuner out so you can tune as you play without passing your signal through pedals. A Send and Return Effect loop protects you from losing your signal if one of your pedals dies or a cable in the chain gives out.Solid state preamp12″ B&C speakerPiezo tweeterRear bass reflexMade of high-grade, multi-ply poplarGlued, screwed, and sealed internally with special compounds for maximum sound qualityLightweight for easy transportHandle on top for transportingProtected cornersGrill screen to protect speakerLittle Mark IIProvides 500W at 4 ohm or 300W at 8 ohmGain and Master volume controlsClip warning lightEQ includes controls for Low, Mid Frequency Low, High Frequency Low, and HighVLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) filtersNeutrik Speakon Combo out jacks for use with 1/4″ or Speakon speaker cablesBalanced XLR outGround lift switch to eliminate humTuner out sends unbalanced signal sent to a tuner, amp or recording equipment not needing a balanced signalSend and Return Effect ensures main signal continues even if something dies in your effects chain
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