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Manley Massive Passive Stereo Eq Mastering  ...Manley – Manley Massive Passive Stereo Eq Mastering Version
The mastering version of the Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ provides precisely repeatable settings. Manley came up with a clever way to pull it off without breaking your bank account: mechanically detented knobs for the Gain and Bandwidth controls to ensure repeatability-which is what everyone wanted, but without the incredible cost and space problems that tons of Grayhill switches would have caused. Some notes pertinent to the Manley Mastering Stereo EQ: The Manley Massive Passive is a passive design and not a “true parametric”. A true parametric implies non-interacting controls. In the Massive Passive, the “GAIN” and “BANDWIDTH” controls DO interact (on purpose). It is not possible to create a “GAIN” switch that is set up for “consistent” 1/2 dB steps. When you change the “BANDWIDTH” the step size must and will change. On the regular version, you get a full 20dB boost or cut only when: the bandwidth is fully clockwise (narrow) in bell mode or fully counter-clockwise in shelf mode. Here on the Mastering Version, this maximum boost or cut is 11dB. Conversely at the widest bell, the maximum boost or cut is 6dB and the narrowest shelf maxes out at 12dB. A similar situation is also true for the bandwidth detents. So in this new Mastering Version, do not expect a certain dB change-per-step as it will vary according to where the bandwidth is set. But whatever the step sizes are, they will be a repeatable 16 steps. The FREQUENCY select is already detented and always has been a Grayhill switch. It also interacts in shelf mode.On a similar note, the Manley Massive Passive is a “parallel design” and not the conventional “series design”. This means the bands interact with each other too. It is possible, to set a band to boost 20 dB but if another band is boosting near or at that frequency, very little will happen. On a conventional EQ the two bands “add” and you would be boosting 40 dB into clipping. Because the bands interact,All-Passive tone sculpting circuitryUnique Shelf curves use the “bandwidth” controlOverlapping and Interleaved Frequency choicesEvery band switchable to shelf or bellVacuum tube make-up gain and line driversParallel symmetrical topologyPremium components throughoutHP and LP Filters plus gain trims
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