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Malletech 3.0 Love Vibe  ...Malletech – Malletech 3.0 Love Vibe Vibraphone
The first and most obvious question to ask is, “Why did Malletech call this instrument the Love Vibe?” This design was very much a labor of love on the part of its creator (see his statement at the end of this listing), but moreover, the Love Vibe offers unprecedented control over the instrument, along with less pedal noise and greater dynamic range than conventional vibraphones.The Love Vibe is played it just like a “normal” vibraphone (using the first half of the pedal range), but when you push the pedal a bit further, you can control the speed of the vibrato in real time. You can add vibrato (much like a pop singer), link vibrato speed to the underlying tempo, improvise “vibrato rhythms” at will, and control the depth & strength of the effect in real time.It features fully open to fully closed resonators, no air leakage around pulsar disks (for softest ppp), no blockage of bar vibrations by fans (for maximum fff), no tube cut outs (full frequency spectrum and power of resonance), and crescendo and diminuendo at will.The Love Vibe is easy for one person to set up quickly and it has no motor, which results in silent vibrato control. Every paPedal control of vibrato speedBroad dynamic rangeCrescendo and diminuendo at willEasy to set upSilent operationBeautiful finishes available
Malletech, Concert Vibraphones LV3.0