Macsax Fj-Iv Gold Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece …

Macsax Fj-Iv Gold Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece  ...MACSAX – Macsax Fj-Iv Gold Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece 8*
The FJ-IV by MACSAX was designed for today’s contemporary saxophonist. The contemporary music scene poses a unique challenge to saxophonists: they need powerful projection but do not want to sacrifice a rich and expressive sound. The FJ-IV provides a huge, thick, and expressive sound with unparalleled projection. This model features a beautiful 24k gold finish.The FJ-IV was designed to provide a sound that easily projects in all situations and is rich with harmonics and overtones. This allows contemporary players to play comfortably and know they will be heard. Unlike many loud mouthpieces the FJ-IV maintains a great core and a strong bottom end. Nothing is lost in the name of projection.Besides being very powerful the FJ-IV has been designed to be extremely efficient. Of the many unique design elements, perhaps the most striking is the enlarged window. By widening and extending the window more of the reed is activated therefore creating more harmonic richness while also creating a free blowing and easily controlled sound.Each FJ-IV mouthpiece is CNC machined using the absolute latest technology from the finest raw materials and is precision hand finished to ensure the highest levels of consistency and attention to detail. Choose facing from dropdown menu.
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