Macsax Bob Sheppard Red Marble Hr Tenor …

Macsax Bob Sheppard Red Marble Hr Tenor  ...MACSAX – Macsax Bob Sheppard Red Marble Hr Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece 10*
MACSAX is proud to present the results of a multi-year and ongoing collaboration with Bob Sheppard. His insight and feedback has been invaluable in creating this world class line of mouthpieces. Each mouthpieces is handcrafted from the finest materials available and thoroughly play tested to ensure consistency and proper voicing to provide the rich and colorful sound every saxophonist seeks. This is a 2015 addition to the line, beautiful red marble finish made with premium-grade German hard rubber.Drawing inspiration from the classic Slant Links, this mouthpiece adds many custom features to meet Bob’s artistic demands. Made from pure hard rubber, the mouthpiece features a large round chamber, open throat, and an extremely gentle rollover baffle. The facing curve was designed to allow the player to have great control even at the extreme ranges of dynamics. The result is a mouthpiece with a thick, rich, and colorful sound at any dynamic.Available in these facings (select from dropdown menu):6*77*88*
MACSAX, Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces BSTHR10SRM