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Lindell Audio 17Xsmk2 F.E.T.  ...Lindell Audio – Lindell Audio 17Xsmk2 F.E.T. Compressor
The Seventeen Xs MkII is a one channel transformer coupled compressor/limiter. It’s a FET (field effect transistor) design that incorporate some new and exclusive features such as “High Pass Sidechain Filter”, “Mix Knob” mix between dry and wet signal (parallel compression), “Signal High Pass and Low Pass Filters” that colors the sound nicely.The 17Xs is Lindell Audio’s take on the classic “1176 Sound”. It can be smooth or it can be a rock’n’roll monster when using ratio 100:1 (all in). Beautifully constructed with exacting attention to both noise and musicality, this is the pro-level hardware compressor you have been looking for. You can scour the vintage shops and pay accordingly, or you can opt for Lindell.FET Style CompressorVariable Mix Control For Precise Parallel Compression5 Step Switched Attack Times 20s to 800s5 Step Switched Release Times 50ms to 0,8sec5 Step Switched High Pass Sidechain Filter. Off, 100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz5 Step Swithced Ratio 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, 100:1Signal High Pass Filter 6db/Oct @ 80HzSignal Low Pass Filter 6db/Oct @ 8kHzTrue Hardware Bypass
Lindell Audio, Compressors & Limiters 17XSMK2