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Strength, stability, and elegance. Using highly-skilled German design and manufacturing techniques, K&M (Knig and Meyer) has created a State of the Art desktop stand for iPad or tablets that enable you to easily read, write, surf the Internet or just view pictures or videos without any vibrations. Your iPad or tablet securely clips in and out of the holder effortlessly and incorporates adjustable thumb screws to fit most all iPads and tablets available today. An easy-to-use wing nut adjusts the tilt so that every user can adapt the viewing angle to suit them optimally. The holder freely rotates 90 degrees, enabling your iPad or Tablet to adjust rapidly between the portrait and landscape orientation without slipping. Features include a sturdy steel base, flexible plastic mounting frame, and retaining clips. These all unify to make certain makes certain your iPad or Tablet is held safe and secure. The mounting clips are positioned so that the dock connector and headphone jack are accessible. Weight 2.2 pounds. As with all K&M products this product is manufactured in Germany from high grade materials, has a five year warranty and is manufactured according to strict environmental protection standards.
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