Kerly Music Sinister Strings Nickel Wound …

Kerly Music Sinister Strings Nickel Wound  ...Kerly Music – Kerly Music Sinister Strings Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 7-String Heavy
Kerly Sinister Strings are nickel wound, heavy-gauge guitar strings seasoned between -320F and -350F for 24 hours to reduce the micro-cracks that cause tonal loss and premature breakage. Thanks to the repetitive HOT/COLD tempering process, the micro-cracks close up, preventing the buildup of dirt and corrosion. Strength, sound, and string life are enhanced. Set of 7 guitar strings.Feeling a heavy gauge string underneath your fingertips gives you extra power while cutting through with an unmistakable growl and chunk. These tonal flavors are a necessity for hard hitting, drop-tuned riffs, and passion-driven playing. Thermal cycling increases durability and dramatically reduces wear.
Kerly Music, 7 String Sets for Electric Guitar KQXS7-1158