Jupiter Jfl700rb Series Student Flute With B …

Jupiter Jfl700rb Series Student Flute With B  ...Jupiter – Jupiter Jfl700rb Series Student Flute With B Foot 511Rbso Offset G
The Jupiter JFL700RB Series Student Flute with B Foot (formerly the 511RBS) is an open-holed flute that donnes a silver-plated body, keys, and headjoint. Attributes include an in-line G, gizmo keys and a B foot that not only extends the lower range, but also allows the higher octaves to play more in tune, and improves the flute’s overall projection. The utilizes a ribbed construction and a high nickel content to produce excellent sound quality.The quality of Jupiter flutes is recognized worldwide. Because flutemaking is a combination of science and art, Jupiter constantly seeks the latest innovation in design and engineering to achieve ever higher standards in the manufacturing process. Leading players, teachers, and artisans collaborate in the design and artistry that makes each Jupiter flute a truly great performance instrument.ment. HeritageThe heritage of Jupiter began in 1930 when KHS International, its parent corporation, opened as an educational products company in Taipei, Taiwan. The letters KHS stand for “Kung Hsue She,” meaning “a company helping schools and culture.” This simple definition still represents the primary goal of the Jupiter brand.Attention to DetailsEach Jupiter flute has a precise feel, response and key action. Skilled technicians hand seat all pads and hand adjust all mechanisms. This includes final detailing of embouchure hole, riser and lip plate of each headjoin/tDedication to DialogueJupiter maintains constant contact with performing artists, educators, repair technicians, instrument designers and our network of dealers to better respond to the requirements of music education and performance.World-Class ReputationJupiter has established itself as a respected world-class name in musical instruments and continues to attribute its progress to remembering its heritage ofSilver-plated nickel silver headjoint, body, and footSilver-plated French style keysB FootIncludes: case / cleaning rod / care products
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