Jupiter Jbs1100sg Intermediate Baritone …

Jupiter Jbs1100sg Intermediate Baritone  ...Jupiter – Jupiter Jbs1100sg Intermediate Baritone Saxophone Silver Plated Neck And Body
This is technically Jupiter’s finest intermediate level baritone saxophone, but it is absolutely presentable in professional environments. The Jupiter JBS1100SG Intermediate Baritone Saxophone features gold-lacquered brass body and key material, a hand-hammered brass neck. The key range spans from high F# to low A. It has tilting G#- and Bb table keys, upper and lower stack adjustment screws, a front F key, blued steel springs and metal tone boosters.This horn will be welcome in nearly every professional performance context, but it is offered at a price that is not out of the question for an individual motivated student or for a school system. It is reliable, intonates well, sounds fantastic and will give a player every opportunity to succeed and excel on the baritone saxophone.Eb BaritoneHand-Hammered Brass NeckGold-Lacquered Body And KeysLow AFloor PegEngraved BellHigh F#Front FTilting G#- and Bb Table KeysBlued Steel SpringsMetal Tone BoostersArtist Series Wood-Frame Case
Jupiter, Intermediate Baritone & Bass Saxophones JBS1100SG