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Jodyjazz Dv Ny Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece  ...JodyJazz – Jodyjazz Dv Ny Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Model 10 (.140 Tip)
The DV NY produces a darker, less bright tone than the more contemporary sound of the DV. The deep baffle/chamber design of the DV NY produces a beautiful Classic Jazz Tenor sound reminiscent of the masters of the 50s and 60s. While having slightly more resistance than the DV, the DV NY is a very free-blowing saxophone mouthpiece..Goals in creating the DV Series of Saxophone Mouthpieces included creating the most efficient sax mouthpiece possible. That means that there are more harmonics present in the sound and therefore the projection of this bari sax mouthpiece is huge. Additionally, elimination of the inherent shrillness associated with loud, bright baritone saxophone mouthpieces. The DV achieves a big midrange and bottom end that has never been present before in a baritone mouthpiece with such strong projection.The DVNY comes with a Gold Plated Rico H Ligature, FF Cap, Mouthpiece Pouch and special Wood Cylinder case. The new facing curve results in absolutely no dead spots in the vibration of the reed. In other words all notes in all ranges respond equally. This bari sax mouthpiece has a husky barrel-chested tone while being able to sing and soar over the top of any band. Sub toning and low notes are extremely easy and the altissimo is out of this world. Intonation is spot on. Be prepared to have possibly the most fun you ever have had on the saxophone.Many straight-ahead jazz players who tend to favor mouthpieces that are just a little brighter than most mainstream dark mouthpieces have a very high chance of making the DV their new baritone mouthpiece. There have also been many converts who came from playing the most popular hard rubber Jazz piece. These players almost always think that they won’t like a metal baritone sax mouthpiece, and they are surprised every time.The DV Bari is manufactured on the most sophisticated computer controlled Lathes and Mills, yet the DV benefits from a high degree of hand finishing. The aBigger Darker ToneEffortless PlayingMore HarmonicsCleaner ArticulationWarmth & BeautyExcellent AltissimoImproved Intonation
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