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Hendrix Drums Archetype Series African  ...Hendrix Drums – Hendrix Drums Archetype Series African Sapele Stave Snare Drum 14 X 6 In. Mirror Gloss Finish
Archetype Snares snares are arguably the loudest, most sensitive, and tonal wood snares that you will ever hear. Every Archetype Series Snare comes with a laundry list of high-end features that all work together to make what we believe is the best-sounding, best-looking, and most versatile snare on the market.Sapele has a very similar appearance to mahogany and is slightly harder than maple. This drum has piercing attack, tons of volume, smooth mid tones and a very wide tuning range.It will cut through the mix in any music style.The foundation for the drum is the 14″ wide by 6″ deep by 1/4″ thick (6.35mm) solid stave shell. The 6″ depth allows the drum to tune well in the low, mid, and high register. 6″ deep snares have become very popular over the past several years for those reasons. The thin shell wall allows the drum to be open and resonant with a very large tuning range, and because the shell is solid stave, the sensitivity, responsiveness, projection, and tone are all as good as it gets.Every Archetype snare is equipped with S-Hoops on top and bottom. S-Hoops bring the best aspects of flanged hoops and die-cast hoops together. They are rolled steel, like flanged hoops, so they are naturally resonant and allow the drum to remain very open and full bodied. They are also rigid like a die-cast hoop, so they generate loud cracking rim shots and cross sticks, but don’t weigh down and choke the drum like a die-cast hoop would. Many major brands are trying to mimic the S-Hoop with their own versions, and for good reason, but the S-Hoop still remains the best.The small, single-point HD lug is machined from solid aluminum, as opposed to being cast from steel as most lugs are. The solid aluminum body allows vibrations to pass through the lugs very easily, resulting in an overall more resonant drum. They are also very lightweight, so the shell is not weighed down allowing the drum to resonate more freely. And they only require one sConfigurationSnare size: 14″ x 6″Total Pieces: 1ExtrasCase or Bag: Not applicableStand: Not applicableShellsShell material: SapeleShell construction: StaveShell thickness (mm): 6.4Bearing edge: 30Reinforcement ring: YesHardwareHardware material: MultipleHoop type: Die-castLugs: PatentedThrow-off: Swivel/LeverInternal muffler: NoSnares: Steel CarbonOtherHeads: FactoryFinish type: MultipleCountry of origin: United States
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