Grover Pro Super-Overtone Triangle 6 …

Grover Pro Super-Overtone Triangle 6  ...Grover Pro – Grover Pro Super-Overtone Triangle 6 In.
Formed from a specially treated carbon steel alloy, the resulting wide spectrum of overtones coupled with an extraordinary large dynamic range combine to give this triangle its characteristic sound.Unlike most triangles, the overtone resonance of this instrument will remain consistent throughout the expanded dynamic range. Abundant acoustic energy is produced by this instrument, eliminating the need to overplay. The microscopic KANIGEN plating allows the highest harmonics to respond, yet it is more durable and longer-lasting than ordinary chrome plating.The Super-Overtone Triangle is available in two sizes: TR-6 (6″ triangle) features a higher fundamental tone while retaining predominant overtones. This model produces a lighter sound than its larger companion.
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