Grover Pro Bronze Hammered Lite Symphonic …

Grover Pro Bronze Hammered Lite Symphonic  ...Grover Pro – Grover Pro Bronze Hammered Lite Symphonic Triangle 5 In.
Hand-shaped from a special 3/8″ diameter alloy, Bronze Hammered Lite Triangles from Grover Pro were conceived by expertise gained through 30 years of triangle making. The proprietary alchemy of these highly resonant triangles is integral to the sonic properties and is a closely guarded secret.Each BHL triangle is hand-hammered in a randomized pattern, which enhances the production of primary and secondary harmonics. The tonal properties can best be described as resonant with a very wide array of audible harmonics. These instruments produce a lighter sonority than the Bronze Pro Hammered series, yet they retain the distinctive and complex harmonic spectrum for which Grover hammered triangles are renowned.Available in sizes sizes 4 – 9
Grover Pro, Concert Triangles, Strikers & Mounts TR-BHL-5