Gretsch Drums Gold Series Aluminum/Maple …

Gretsch Drums Gold Series Aluminum/Maple  ...Gretsch Drums – Gretsch Drums Gold Series Aluminum/Maple Snare Drum 14 X 6.5 Wood Hoop
Gold Series drums by Gretsch use high-grade materials consisting of boutique-level craftsmanship and appointments. Gold Series snares are designed for the discerning player that is looking to add a new, unique sound to their drum kit.This Gold Series Aluminum Wood snare is built on a seamless aluminum shell that is crowned with 13-ply maple wood hoops. This drum produces the versatile tone of a steel shell with added dryness. Additionally, 13-ply maple hoops enhance the tone of this snare by round warmth to the mix. A 30-degree bearing edge maximizes contact of the shell and Remo USA heads. This 14 x 6-1/2″ snare is finished a fully adjustable strainer with a fixed buttplate and much more.Seamless aluminum shell13-Ply rock maple hoops30-Degree bearing edgeBolt-on Gold Series round badgeChrome hardware w/10-lug configurationFully adjustable strainer with fixed buttplateRemo USA Ambassador heads20-Strand black nylon snare strips14 x 6-1/2″
Gretsch Drums, Snare Drums S1-6514A-WH