Gallien-Krueger Mb210-Ii 500W 2X10 …

Gallien-Krueger Mb210-Ii 500W 2X10  ...Gallien-Krueger – Gallien-Krueger Mb210-Ii 500W 2X10 Ultralight Bass Combo Amp
The Gallien-Krueger MB210 500W 2×10 Ultralight Bass Combo Amp is an addition to GK’s legendary MicroBass Series. It delivers a big sound from a light, compact package. At 350W the MB210 has the power to be heard in any situation. It’s designed with preamp tone-shaping circuitry that feeds into a lightweight Class-D power amp. The preamp uses GK’s 4-band active tone control section with a Contour preset feature. There are both Passive and Active bass inputs and a defeatable Limiter for controlling your sound. 2 x 10″ neodymium speakers are extremely sensitive and help reduce the overall weight of this combo. The horn tweeter can be engaged or not to suit different playing environments or to further shape your sound. An 1/8″ Aux. input and headphone jack allow for silent practice along with an MP3 player or other sound source. An XLR DI output is included for recording or live sound reinforcement.EqualizationStandard tone controls and graphic equalizers give you plenty of variation, but they don’t provide what the instrument really needs. The fact is, graphic equalizers are intended for room equalization. The equalization in Gallien-Krueger amplifiers reflects 40 years of continuous development and refinement.The GK equalizer is unique to the industry, it’s not just a normal four band equalizer, each section is a special circuit optimized to perform a Bass specific job in its range of operation.These sections are wired in series, adding to one another, to create a tremendously flexible equalizer that sounds natural at any setting. Now it is possible to obtain the sound you desire.ContourThe Contour is used to complely revoice the amplifier by tuning between two different shaping circuits, with greatly different responses. With the control engaged, the low end is slightly boosted, the mids are dropped and the high end is pushed up.LimiterThe limiter is designed to detect signal levels500W Digital power amp2x10″ Paragon neodymium driversClass D power supply and power ampActive 4 band EQ with contourBalanced direct output eliminates the need for a direct boxSpeakon speaker output 1/8″ aux inputHeadphone jackDefeatable limiterXLR outputCloth grilleDurable spray-on cabinet coatingRecessed handleCompact design with reduced weight for easy transportExceptionally smooth and evenly balanced sound
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