Eventide Ddl-500 500 Series …

Eventide Ddl-500 500 Series  ...Eventide – Eventide Ddl-500 500 Series Delay
Housed in a popular 500-style chassis, the Eventide DDL-500 gives you Eventide build excellence and uncompromising audio quality in a low-profile studio design that fits perfectly into your 500 rack.The DDL-500 features 10 seconds of pristine delay at a 192 kHz sample rate and a unique design that strictly limits the amount of digital circuitry to the bare minimum. Soft saturation clipping, low pass filter, feedback, insert loop, relay bypass, and +20 dB boost are all analog.Eventide’s mantra in the DDL-500 design was mantra was “as analog as possible.” The DDL-500s digital circuitry is kept to a minimum; just the chips necessary for delay. All of the other sound-shaping features are implemented in the analog domain.Delay time can be varied smoothly either manually or by connecting an LFO to the remote input allowing short delays to be used for comb filter and flanging effects. The DDL-500 is also capable of extremely long delays (up to 160 seconds at a 16 kHz sample rate) allowing long passages to be captured for looping.From short delays for double tracking, to ridiculously long delays for whatever reason, to creating swept delay anLow noise and high fidelityExquisite toneInsert loop and relay bypassHoused in a convenient 500 rack
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