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Electro-Voice Dc-One Loudspeaker  ...Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Dc-One Loudspeaker Controller
Based on a 2-in, 6-out topology, the DC-One is a rackmountable loudspeaker controller from Electro-Voice designed primarily for users of small-to-medium sized sound systems in both mobile and installed applications. Based on a powerful SHARC processor, it is 100% compatible with all settings from other Electro-Voice signal processors. Includes software for optional control via a PC.A large part of EV DC-One’s development was aimed at ensuring that users can easily handle its serious digital horsepower and high-end audio performance. Though free PC-Editor software is available, the DC-One speaker controller can be easily operated via the front panel. Direct access buttons, 6 predefined configuration modes (1 being free configuration), straightforward output delay settings, and true professional metering all allow for safe operation. The DC-One’s unique front-panel access control allows the user to select a personal library of accessible presets (out of 60 factory and 20 user presets). In addition, the user can determine which individual parameters in each preset are locked (e.g. factory predefined output parameters) or editable (e.g. master EQ or delay settinIdeal rack controller for small-to-medium sound systemsCompatible with other Electro-Voice signal processorsEasily operable via front panel or through free PC-Editor softwareDirect access buttonsSix predefined configuration modes60 factory, 20 user presets
Electro-Voice, Signal Routing F.01U.149.138