E. Rousseau Jdx Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece …

E. Rousseau Jdx Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece  ...E. Rousseau – E. Rousseau Jdx Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Jdx6
The JDX series of jazz mouthpieces features a unique wedged baffle that allows the performer to balance a stable sound with maximum power, edge, and projection.About Rousseau MouthpiecesEach year, more saxophonists throughout the world are discovering the advantages provided by E. Rousseau mouthpieces. The reason is simple: E. Rousseau mouthpieces work. They work because Eugene Rousseau, active throughout the world as a soloist, has transformed the demands of today’s performer into precision performance tools. When you purchase an E. Rousseau mouthpiece, you are making an artistic investment. You know that your investment is sound when you consider that all E. Rousseau mouthpieces meet the following rigid standards: (1) a unique, practical design that balances the baffle, sidewalls, and facing; (2) use of the finest quality hard rubber and metal; (3) thorough and exhaustive field-testing prior to manufacturing; and (4) careful inspection of each mouthpiece prior to shipping.Hard rubber material
E. Rousseau, Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces ER20086X