Dw Collector’s Series 4-Piece Shell Pack …

Dw Collector's Series 4-Piece Shell Pack  ...DW – Dw Collector’s Series 4-Piece Shell Pack Burnt Toast Fade Chrome Hardware
DW’s flagship line, the Collector’s Series, are the original US-made custom drums. For years, drum makers have preferred maple for its resonant tonal qualities. Maple is a traditional shell material that provides low-end punch, warmth and attack. This DW Shell Pack features North American maple shells with 3-ply reinforcement hoops. Toms 8-13″ are 6-ply, while 14″ and bigger (including bass drums) are 7-ply.It also features DW’s patented STM (suspension tom mount) system, which allows drums to vibrate independently, allowing maximum resonance while securely holding the drum in place. Because there are no washers or grommets inhibiting the lug rod receiver, choking is reduced and tuning is as easy as ever.To give drummers even more control over their sound, DW created its patented True-Pitch rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads rather than the 12/24 that’s standard on most other drums. To compare, there is 1 thread every 0.8mm on True-Pitch rods (about 20% more threads), versus 1 thread every 1.05mm on most other drums. The result is a more exacting tuning process.Crested by chrome hardware, this shell pack features 10 x 8″ and 12 x 9″ rack toms, a 16 x 14″ floor tom and a 22 x 18″ X-Shell kick drum.Snare, cymbals and hardware sold separately.ConfigurationBass drum(s): 22″ x 18″Tom(s): 10″ x 8″, 12″ x 9″Floor tom(s): 16″ x 14″Snare: Not applicableTotal pieces: 4Hardware: Not applicableCymbals: Not applicableShellsShell material: MapleConstruction: 6-PlyThickness (mm): 7.5Bearing edge: 45Reinforcement ring: Not applicableDrum HardwareMaterial: SteelMounts: SuspendedHoops: PatentedLugs: PatentedOtherHeads: RemoFinish type: LacquerCountry of origin: United States
DW, Shell Packs DRKT50C451