Drawmer D Clock Word Clock Measurement And …

Drawmer D Clock Word Clock Measurement And  ...Drawmer – Drawmer D Clock Word Clock Measurement And Distribution Amp
The D-Clock is a dual input/twenty output word clock distributor with a 16 character blue LCD display providing a reference measurement of the incoming sample rate. Both AES/EBU and BNC word clock inputs feature a zero latency loopthrough output with switchable high impedance to maintain the correct level of the digital signal for onward distribution. The D-Clock displays incoming sample frequencies up to 768 kHz to an accuracy of 2ppm (parts per million) with two further modes – sample frequency with ppm error and sample frequency with % pull up/down for video users. Sixteen BNC clock outputs are situated on the rear panel with a further four BNC clock outputs on the front panel for quick patching to other digital devices. The word clock outputs can be derived from either a word clock input or alternatively an AES/EBU audio signal from which clock information can be stripped. In the latter case, one of the many mic pre’s with internal A/D conversion but no word clock output can be utilised as the master clock source for the whole digital studio.2 in/20 out Clock Measurement and Distribution Amplifier Inputs: BNC with zero latency loopthrough AES with with zero latency loopthrough Outputs: BNC loopthrough / AES loopthrough 20 BNC clock outputs – 33 impedance 3 sample rate measurement LCD modes accurate to 2ppm Universal voltage filtered mains power input
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