Dr Strings Extra Life Bke-11 Black Beauties …

Dr Strings Extra Life Bke-11 Black Beauties  ...DR Strings – Dr Strings Extra Life Bke-11 Black Beauties Heavy Coated Electric Guitar Strings
DRs EXTRA-Life Black Beauties offer guitar players a superior black coated string without sacrificing the crisp tone, clarity, and volume of traditional DR HandMade Strings. EXTRA-Life is a super thin advanced .0003″ coating on the plain electric guitar strings and on the wrap wire for added protection.DR’s remarkable, and proprietary, patent pending K3T Technology Coating is the first coating that makes no apologies and no excuses. Players say these strings have less unwanted overtones, more volume, great clarity and articulation than standard uncoated strings. Yet, they provide the same protection against corrosion due to humidity and perspiration as well as the increased tonal life coated strings have come to be known for.Gauges 11-14-18-28-38–50.Gauges 11-14-18-28-38-50The latest in coated technology for increased tonal lifeBlack precoated wire for fast and smooth fingering
DR Strings, .011 Gauge Electric Guitar Strings BKE-11