Digitech Hardwire Series Ht-2 Chromatic …

Digitech Hardwire Series Ht-2 Chromatic  ...DigiTech – Digitech Hardwire Series Ht-2 Chromatic Tuner
The DigiTech HardWire Series HT-2 is a chromatic tuner pedal that is visible, accurate, and durable when in use; transparent when not. The cornerstone of every pedal board is a reliable tuner. The HardWire Chromatic Tuner’s true bypass means that when it is off, it’s out of the circuit. With the DigiTech Ht-2 tuner you can tune with confidence, using tone with integrity. The DigiTech HardWire pedal series represents DigiTech’s commitment to quality and attention to subtle details. In addition to technical enhancements like true bypass and high voltage operation, all HardWire pedals feature rugged, all-metal construction; a wide, stage-stable footprin; durable, custom-machined metal knobs for a sure grip; and precision potentiometers that guarantee knob positions will stay intact. The rugged, durable construction of Extreme Performance Pedals is just the beginning. Inside each DigiTech HardWire pedal are technological features that serious players requireall updated and improved to their utmost capacity. True bypass preserves the purity of your original tone as signal passes through the pedal, and high voltage operation further protects your sound by eliminaTrue Hardwire bypass LED note display + 11 LED tuner array Normal and strobe tuning modes 9VDC battery operation Mute and thru outputs Multiple tuning references Optional PS200R adapter compatible
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