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The ZonePRO products have long been the obvious choice for managing commercial audio applications. They’re easy to install and use – thanks to step-by-step setup wizards – and they’re backed by long track record of dbx reliability. The fact that so many are in use in locations worldwide speaks to their popularity and dependable performance.The ZonePRO 1261m offers fixed I/O, pre-configured architecture, configurable insert processing and optional duplication of audio channels to another ZonePRO device via a link bus.The 1261m features a total of 12 inputs and six outputs. Inputs include six balanced mic/line switchable terminal block inputs, four mono-summed pairs of unbalanced RCA inputs and one S/PDIF input for up to two digital channels. Hardware-controlledmicrophone gain allows adjustment of microphone gain per channel.The 1261m device has a pre-configured architecture with input processing, a central matrix and output processing. Two input insert positions and one output insert position allow channel-specific insert processing to be configured. AutoWarmth, a psychoacoustic function that maintains full frequency bandwidth even when the signal level has dropped, is permanently available on each output zone.A link bus allows duplication of the first six audio channels to another ZonePRO device in applications where additional output zones are required.The front panel of the 1261m features a power status LED, a network traffic LED, and an RS-232 control port.Additional system control is offered in the form of optional Zone Controllers. This collection of hardware wall-controllers represents a series of simple, elegant user interfaces for functions such as volume, source and preset control.All ZonePRO devices can be controlled by third party control systems via RS-232 or Ethernet as applicable (see table for further information).ZonePRO Designer-the configuration, control and monito2 Inputs / 6 Outputs6 Balanced Mic/Line Inputs4 Unbalanced, Mono-Summed RCA Input PairsS/PDIF InputMicrophone Gain per ChannelPre-Configured ArchitectureTwo Configurable Input Insert PositionsOne Configurable Output Insert PositionAutoWarmth per Output ZoneLink BusOptional ZC ControllersEthernet ControlSerial ControlThird Party ControlWizard-Driven Configuration
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