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The Dangerous Master integrates Analog Processing into the Modern Mastering Environment by providing insert loops, sum & difference (mid-side) processing, monitoring level offset and stereo image width control, thus transforming your current high-end outboard equalizers & compressors into aprofessional mastering rig.”The Dangerous Master and Monitor are the centerpiece of my mastering rig. Sonic accuracy, paired with just the right features set Dangerous apart. Nothing else on the market comes close to the sound quality, headroom, and reliability of the Dangerous gear.” -Dave Kutch, The Mastering Palace(Biggie, Puff Daddy, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Missy Elliot…)The Dangerous Music Legacy:”Audio Integrity: non-negotiable.” This is the credo upon which Dangerous Music is founded. Conceived and designed by end users-not by engineers in lab coats–the results are products that resurrect dynamic range, punch, intelligibility and emotion. These high-fidelity, uncompromised signal paths are achieved by harnessing over 20 years of Chris Muth’s design wizardry; creator of infamous custom black boxes for world class facilities like Hit Factory, Masterdisk, Absolute Audio and Sterling Sound Mastering. Then the critical listening skills of golden-eared luminaries are applied, with the result being musical tools that fulfill the actual needs of today’s flexible computer based studio.Why Master?There is a reason why 50% of Billboard’s top 100 hits pass through Sterling Sound – the engineers and the gear they use. Decades of partnership and feedback between Dangerous Music designer Chris Muth and engineering legends like Greg Calbi, George Marino and Chris Athens during the design process created real-world mastering tools that define the post-vinyl mastering signal chain. The Dangerous Music Master incorporates 25 years of this mastering and design experience.L & R Input FeMastering-Grade Components: Components selected for both performance and sound, tested to draconian tolerances, breathe the analog soul back to life for stunning imaging, headroom, punch and detail.DC-Coupled: No transformers that color your sound or filter caps that smear stereo. Instead, DC coupling with massive voltage rails and Mogami point-to-point wiring for simple, electronic elegance. Bandwidth from DC to light.Audio Transparency: A pristine canvas for painting sonic landscapes utilizing your own personal arsenal of plug-ins and outboard gear.Hand-Assembled In USA: Avoids 6,000 miles of oceanic circuit board rattling, while keeping Americans employed.Stringent Quality Control: An exceptionally low failure rate keeps you in the studio mixing, not at the UPS store shipping repairs.Warranty: 2 years, because it’s built to last a lifetime.
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