D’addario Ej44c Pro-Arte Composites Extra …

D'addario Ej44c Pro-Arte Composites Extra  ...D’Addario – D’addario Ej44c Pro-Arte Composites Extra Hard Classical Guitar Strings
Gauges 29-33.3-38-30-36-47.EJ44C Pro-Arte Composites Classical Guitar strings are part of D’Addario’s premium classical guitar string series. Treble strings are measured by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser which performs consistency and quality checks, insuring true-sounding strings in every set. Basses are made with 80/20 bronze wound on nylon.D’Addario is the world’s largest manufacturer of strings for musical instruments. Many top guitarists won’t play any other brand. Regardless of your playing style, D’Addario has a set of strings that’s right for your classical guitar.
D’Addario, Nylon Strings EJ44C