D.W. Fearn Vt-2 Dual Channel Vacuum Tube …

D.W. Fearn Vt-2 Dual Channel Vacuum Tube  ...D.W. Fearn – D.W. Fearn Vt-2 Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier
The VT-series microphone preamplifiers from D.W. Fearn will change the way you think of audio quality. The transparency is astounding. Vocals sound smoother, warmer, more intimate, with a compelling presence. Any microphone and any sound will benefit from the improved clarity, definition, and lack of solid-state artifacts. The VT-2 preamplifier recreates the sound of classic tube preamps of the 1960s. Modern components and computer-optimized circuitry, unavailable during the vacuum tube era, elevate this design to a new level of performance. The VT-2 mic preamp was designed for optimal sonic quality, reliability, and durability. Like the best tube equipment of the 1950s and ’60s, the VT-2 is built on a heavy-guage aluminum chassis, utilizing point-to-point wiring. Each vacuum tube is selected for minimum noise and microphonics, and maximum sonic clarity. The front panel switches control sealed, gold-contact precision relays for all audio switching, eliminating the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimizing the internal audio path. Four class-A triode amplifier sections (in two tubes) in each channel comprise the entire active circuit. This surprisingly simple circuit, along with top-quality components and careful design optimization, results in the sonic superiority that the VT-2 has become known for. All over the globe, VT-2 preamps are in daily use in the world’s best studios, as well as in home project studios, helping many top recording artists achieve the best possible sound. Important Note: Due to heat given off by tubes, D.W. Fearn recommends that you provide at least one rack unit (RU) of space above and below their audio rack products. For proper cooling and a refined look for your rack, we highly recommend using D.W. Fearn Vented Rack Panels (#180296). Single-channel version D.W. Fearn VT-1 also available (see #180271). History of the VT-1 and VT-2 Vacuum TuAll vacuum-tube design Clean and airy high end Fat low end Unsurpassed warmth, transparency, and musicality Lo-Z input position for superior performance with transformerless mics Phase (polarity) reverse switch +48 volt phantom power (completely disconnected when off) Custom-design Jensen input and output transformers for superb sonics 20 dB input pad (switchable) True VU meters (amplifier isolated) All point-to-point audio wiring High-performance, fully regulated power supplies with exceptional reserve Gold input and output XLR connectors Polypropylene and polystyrene coupling capacitors All audio switching through gold-contact, sealed precision relays International operation on 100, 120, or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz CE certified, RoHS-compliant +4 dBm output – conservatively rated precision components and rugged construction for stability and long life Line-level processing with the LP-1 Line Pad (see #
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