Casio Privia Px-160Bk Digital Piano With …

Casio Privia Px-160Bk Digital Piano With  ...Casio – Casio Privia Px-160Bk Digital Piano With Cs-67 Stand Sustain Pedal Deluxe Keyboard Bench And Headphones
This complete keyboard kit features the Casio PX-160BK portable 88-key digital piano. It also includes a stand, sustain pedal and a keyboard bench. PX-160BK (J23194)The Privia Series digital pianos have provided a strong option for people seeking an affordable digital piano with authentic sound and action since its introduction in 2003. The PX160BK is part of the latest version of the Privia series, housed in a champagne black chassis. It is stylish and handsome, and is every bit a Privia.Casio CS67 (#620782)The Casio CS67 is a keyboard stand that ably supports the Privia PX-160BK digital piano. It provides a stable platform for the piano, and is complementary in color and finish.Musician’s Gear Deluxe Keyboard Bench (#451069)The Musician’s Gear Deluxe Keyboard Bench is an X-style folding throne that features supreme comfort from heavy padding and great stability from rubber foot stabilizers. The height is adjustable from 21-1/4″ to 25-3/4″ and it is 23-3/5″ wide.Proline PSS2 Sustain Pedal (J20803)Standard sustain pedal with switchable polarity, usable for any model keyboard with a 1/4″ damper pedal input. Larger chassis with rubber skid on the bottom to prevent your pedal from jumping around on hard floors. Silent operation, quality cable. 88-Key digital piano Adjustable height keyboard standComfortable benchSustain pedal
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