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Casio At-5 Oriental/Middle Eastern Keyboard  ...Casio – Casio At-5 Oriental/Middle Eastern Keyboard 76 Key Portable Keyboard
The AT-5 Oriental Keyboard comes with a range of functions to satisfy every requirement, and proves itself as a multi-functional creative keyboard with its multitude of oriental rhythms.Different scale presets can be selected and fine-tuned in quarter tone increments using the oriental scale setting with its memory function. The Arabic scale is authentically reproduced. With its many oriental sounds and rhythms, it enables musicians to immerse themselves in Middle Eastern styles.Oriental Scale SettingThe tuning of the built-in sound source can be easily changed by a quarter tone to recreate the scale required for Oriental music. The Oriental scale can be used for both composing and live performances. The final scale setting can also be applied to Auto Accompaniments as well.Song SequencerThe Song Sequencer provides 16 tracks plus one system track that supports recording of up to five songs and a total of approximately 30,000 notes. Each individual musical instrument part can be recorded to a different track for real multi-track recording capabilities. In addition to real-time recording of keyboard and Auto Accompaniment play, the Song Sequencer also supports punch-in and punch-out spot recording of specific parts of a song, and event editing lets you edit recorded data note-by-note. A full selection of editing tools includes event insert, event delete, event copy, quantize, a locator feature for selecting the range of notes to be edited, and more. A step recording function also lets you input notes by specifying the length and pitch. Completed recordings can be converted to SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and stored to an SD memory card.Pattern SequencerUp to eight tracks (drum, percussion, bass, chord 1 through chord 5) can be edited to create original accompaniment patterns (INTRO, NORMAL, NORMAL FILL-IN, VARIATION, VARIATION FILL-IN). In addition to recording over each individual accompaniment part76 piano-style keysTouch response64-note polyphony (max.)Auto accompaniment with 200 rhythms800 tones (54 oriental)AHL sound sourceTone editor250 rhythms (83 oriental)Pattern sequencerOriental-Scale-Setting (with memory function)MixerAudio recording functionSequencer (17 tracks x 5 songs)LayerSplit100 DSP effectsReverbChorusPitch bend wheelModulation buttonArpeggiatorRegistration setup (6 x 16)
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