Boss Stage Tuner For Guitar And …

Boss Stage Tuner For Guitar And  ...Boss – Boss Stage Tuner For Guitar And Bass
The BOSS TU-1000 is a tuner fit for a rock star. This flagship of the famous BOSS TU-series is built tough and made for the stage floor. Its large, high-intensity LED meter provides perfect visibility on dark stages or outdoors, while the ultra-smooth and accurate motion of the tuning meter makes tuning fast, easy, and accurate.Ultra-smooth, accurate motion and superior visibility with the meter’s oversized LED Accu-Pitch uses the motion of the meter’s lights to show when tuning is complete Two display modes: Cent (LED functions like a needle-type meter) and Stream (fluid light motion indicates when notes are out of tune) Powering up the tuner automatically mutes the output signal, allowing you to tune without outputting sound Handles open tunings, DADGAD, and other alternate tunings, as well as dropped tunings up to six semitones below standard Two outputs, including one with direct signal flow
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