Bae 1073Mpl 500 Series Mic …

Bae 1073Mpl 500 Series Mic  ...BAE – Bae 1073Mpl 500 Series Mic Pre
Your go-to microphone is only half the battle for getting incredible vocal takes. You also need a first-class mic pre. This is the 500 Series version of the 1073MP (a mic pre-amp version of the 1073 equalizer). It shares the same well-known characteristic Class A sound with its harmonically rich low end, slight resonant highs, and maintained focused mids. Two selectable impedances makes the 1073MPL work well with a variety of microphones. As a colored and versatile mic-pre, the 1073MPL maintains its sonic signature across a wide bandwidth.All Class A, transformer-coupled design in a 500 series moduleOriginal Marconi knobsInput impedance selector switch between 1200 and 300 ohmsLine level capability for extra versatility as a line preampHigh impedance DI for guitar and synthSame Carnhill St Ives transformers as the 1073 and 1084Same modular design and hand-wiring BAE is known for
BAE, 500 Series Gear 73MPL