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The Auralex Audio Engineers Pack contains nine ISO Series products specially designed for acoustical engineers and audiophiles to boost the quality of sound in any recording or listening space. It includes a GRAMMA AE, 1 set of MoPADs, a pair of 6″ TrapXpanders, a pair of 8″ TriXpanders, and 3 Platfeet.Gramma AEThe GRAMMA AE (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attenuator) is an incredibly effective patented device that’s used to float an amp or loudspeaker. GRAMMA yields nearly total acoustic isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed.MoPadThe specially designed Auralex MoPad Monitor Isolation Pads will instantly decouple your monitors from the room and greatly increase monitoring accuracy. No matter how good the rest of your studio gear, you won’t get accurate monitoring if the direct transfer of vibrations from your monitors to your furniture is coloring your sound. Includes 4 pads 12″ long by 4″ wide.TrapXpanders and Tri&bullXpandersIn the art of audio sound capture, the recording engineer must contend with and balance many sonic issues (external noise bleed, structure-borne resonance, off-axis colorations) in order to arrive at sounds that are truly sonically robust.Auralex’s TrapXpanders and TriXpanders give the recording engineer a high-degree of control by providing the capability to filter the undesirable external overtones that tend to push the engineer to over-process on the back-end during the mixing stage.They offer the recording engineer a means of tonal control and passive filtering before the sound ever hits the signal path and before ever reaching for a knob or booting-up a plug-in. TrapXpanders are trapezoidal in shape while the TriXpanders are triangle shaped.Use the TrapXpanders behind the drum mic to virtually eliminate off-axis colorations between your snare and high-hat. Use the TriXpanders to isIncludes:1 – GRAMMA AE1 – Set of MoPADs2 – 6″ Trap Expanders2 – 8″ Tri Expanders3 – Platfeet
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