Auralex 4″ Studiofoam Pyramid 2’X2’x4″ …

Auralex 4Auralex – Auralex 4″ Studiofoam Pyramid 2’X2’x4″ Panels (6 Pack) Purple
4″ Studiofoam Pyramids are recommended for larger spaces, rooms with pronounced low frequency problems, or where sonic accuracy is mandatory and stronger acoustic absorption is required.Having 4 sides exposed on each pyramid also yields more sound wave diffusion, which is desirable in some spaces. Thus, 4″ acoustic Studiofoam Pyramids will yield less overall dryness than 4″ Studiofoam Wedges.For installation, Studiofoam Pyramids require Auralex Foamtak spray adhesive (sold separately, – see #422605), which allows you to remove the foam later. For more permanent installation use Tubetak (sold separately – see #422606) or Tubetak Pro liquid adhesive applicators (sold separately – see #472436).1 Foamtak covers up to 96 square feet.1 Tubetak/Tubetak Pro covers up to 24 square feet.
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