Auralex 2″ Sonoflat 2’X2’x2″ Panels (16 …

Auralex 2Auralex – Auralex 2″ Sonoflat 2’X2’x2″ Panels (16 Pack) Burgundy
Based on their popular SonoFlat absorber, the Auralex SonoFlat Grid measures 2’x2’x2″ and is comprised of nine 8″x8″ beveled squares. Made from Auralex’s proprietary and world-renowned studio foam, these panels offer the impressive mid- and high-frequency absorption the original SonoFlat panels are known for, as well as an elegant look that makes them a great addition to any studio, home theater or listening room.Package includes 16 separate 2’x2’x2″ sound panelsGrid style pattern with 8″x8″ beveled squaresBurgundy color
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