Ashdown Rootmaster 420W 1X15 Bass Combo …

Ashdown Rootmaster 420W 1X15 Bass Combo  ...Ashdown – Ashdown Rootmaster 420W 1X15 Bass Combo Amp
After months of research & development, Ashdown has designed a range of products that are equipped with more features, more power, new stylish designs and best of all, a dramatic reduction in size and weight. The Rootmaster range of bass amplifiers truly stands out from the crowd.The RM-420 combo features a comprehensive Pre Amp, with a classic 5 band EQ, an all-new compressor, plus footswitchable Drive and Sub Harmonic effects. A newly designed Class D power section and specially designed Ashdown 1 x 15″ speaker help keeps the weight down. Other features include a mini jack auxiliary input with level control, FX loop, XLR DI, Speakon/Jack combination out and a jack input for an (optional) FS-2 footswitch. The all new MAG RM range is the solution for bassists who need affordable and dependable light weight power houses that present real low-end power.Simple, powerful EQIt all starts with an ultra-low-noise instrument input where the accompanying Input Level control helps you perfectly match the output of your bass. Five-band rotary tone controls act with surgical precision to provide total control over your sound, while a Shape switch instantly dials you in to a classic Ashdown tone setting, straight from the world-famous ABM.One-knob CompressionInstantly adding warmth and body to your tone, this simple to use, great sounding compressor delivers a powerful, even sound to make sure your bass will fill out any mix.Footswitchable variable overdriveWith footswitchable flexibility, our tube-emulated overdrive can take your core bass sound and push it into warm overdrive through to distorted filth whenever you need to add extra grind and girth to your tone.Kick it downBringing extra depth and definition to your bass parts, the Sub-Harmonic Generator lets you dial in a sub-octave and kick it in via footswitch whenever you need the extra depth for those super-heavy GodzillaFlexible, lightweight, and high powered bass amp with an Ashdown 15″ speaker Built-in compressor and footswitchable overdrive for added punch and growlOn-board Sub-Harmonic effect for added depth (footswitchable via optional FS-2 footswitch)Comprehensive five-band rotary EQ; Shape function boosts high and low frequenciesBalanced XLR Direct Out; Effects Loop; Auxiliary Line In with Mix Control
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