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Aluphone Stensgaard Concert  ...Aluphone – Aluphone Stensgaard Concert Concert
The flagship of the Aluphone Product Range is the Aluphone Stensgaard Concert, a two and a half octave instrument similar to the marimba and vibraphone. Comes equipped with damping bar and frame. This is the full set.The Aluphone is an astonishingly versatile musical instrument capable of producing sounds normally associated with the vibraphone, the gamelan and the Tibetan singing bowl. The Stensgaard Concert model is 2 1/2 octaves, mounted chromatically over a dampening system with an adjustable stand. This modern, streamlined designed is constructed entirely of aluminum, giving it an elegant and exclusive finish.The uniqueness of the instrument resides in the versatile hand molded aluminium bells, which deliver an incredibly rich and clear sound. The instrument places full dynamic range at your fingertips without the need for acoustic or electronic amplification. Tuning = A442.Resistant to the elementsBrilliant clear soundAdjustable heightRuggedly built
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