Altus 1307 Heavy Wall Series Handmade Flute …

Altus 1307 Heavy Wall Series Handmade Flute  ...Altus – Altus 1307 Heavy Wall Series Handmade Flute Offset G, D# Roller, Z Cut Headjoint
The Altus 1307 Series reside within the Professional line of handmade flutes. Altus Professional flute models are distinguished by a variety of tube materials and manufacturing techniques.Standard features include the Altus/Bennett scale, exclusive SP-1 springs, drawn or soldered tone holes, French-pointed keys, gizmo and D# roller. Each model comes in a rich leather covered wood frame French case with leather wrap-around cover.The 1307HW features a .958 Britannia silver headjoint and body with Sterling silver mechanism and .997 silver posts, as well as extruded tubing with drawn and rolled tone holes. Britannia silver offers a dark, rich color without sacrificing brilliance. It additionally features a heavier guage wall. Heavy-wall tubing offers greater resistance, and tends to result in a darker, more powerful sound, a good choice for flutists who put a high volume of air through the. The increased resistance is preferred by players who tend to overpower a thinner walled flute. For over 25 years, Altus has crafted flutes that embody the ideal marriage of vintage inspiration and modern technology. Created and handmade by Shuichi Tanaka, each Altus flute reflects his passion to produce the finest playing flutes available utilizing the finest of materials handwork and artistry.SP-1 springsFrench-pointed keysGizmo key and D# rollerSilver head jointSilver bodySilver postsHeavy guage wallLeather-covered wood case
Altus, Professional Flutes 1307SRBO-D-43-Z