Akai Professional Max49 And Apc40 Controller …

Akai Professional Max49 And Apc40 Controller  ...Akai Professional – Akai Professional Max49 And Apc40 Controller Package
This AKAI Professional keyboard controller package includes the MAX49 MIDI controller, the Akai APC40, an M-Audio SP2 Sustain Pedal, Ableton Live 9 Intro, Musician’s Gear 49-Note Keyboard Bag, and a copy of the Course Technology Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production (Book & CD).Akai MAX49 Keyboard ControllerAkai Professional’s MAX49 conveniently places revolutionary MIDI and CV control at your fingertips. The MAX49’s intuitive layout and included AkaiConnect automatic-mapping software provides you an instant, fully immersive experience with your favorite music software and virtually all your VST plug-ins. With its 49 semi-weighted keys, 12 real MPC pads, groundbreaking LED touchfaders and vintage CV & Gate outputs, the MAX49 combines cutting-edge Akai Pro technology with classic capability for an exceptionally solid music-making experience.Akai APC40 Controller The APC40 talks directly to Ableton Live and Live talks directly to the APC40. This exclusive bidirectional communication makes the Akai Professional APC40 an advanced controller that receives feedback from the software and displays it on its clip matrix of 40 triggers, and on LED rings surrounding each knob. The clip matrix gives you an instant view of clip status: what’s loaded, what’s playing, and what’s being recorded. Each state displays on the matrix in a different color so you quickly get a picture of clip state. Shift your clip focus and get an overview of the clips you have loaded for your set. M-Audio SP2 Sustain PedalThe M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal is a high-quality pedal designed to work and feel just like the sustain pedal on an acoustic piano. The classic-style single pedal works with any M-Audio keyboard and has a specially designed rubber bottom that grips the floor to help it stay put while you play.Ableton Live 9 IntroAbleton Live 9 is the latest iteration of one of the best performaThis package includes:Akai MPK49 Keyboard ControllerAkai APC40 ControllerM-Audio SP2 Sustain PedalAbleton Live 9 IntroMusician’s Gear 49-Note Keyboard BagCourse Technology Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production (Book & CD)
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