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Akai Professional Ewi4000s Electronic Wind  ...Akai Professional – Akai Professional Ewi4000s Electronic Wind Controller
The Akai EWI 4000S wind instrument is a big step forward in the development of MIDI controllers and synthesizer instruments. It offers customizable sax-style fingering with advanced controls and functions for expressive performance and makes a number of higher-end synth features available. For more information on fingering options, download the PDF Manual on this page that contains fingering charts. Most significant on the MIDI wind controller is an onboard sound module so you no longer have to play tethered. By using MIDI and an optional wireless transceiver, you can move freely onstage and switch between stored programs from the instrument. Its internal sounds are based on a virtual analog synth sound module and are very responsive to nuances of your playing. Breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width are easily adjusted to suit your musical style, and you can send multiple MIDI messages via breath for expression and aftertouch changes. The Akai EW14000S MIDI wind controller is also an octave key and mode that automatically doubles below the note you play, a Hold Mode which sustains a note while you play around it. It has 2 oscillators with separate volume controls, and a voltage controlled filter that can go from 2 to 4 pole filters. The EWI4000S improves breath noise emulation and also has sostenuto. The EWI 4000S also has a sweep function that is more effective than typical envelope generators. By changing the force of your playing you can alter the sweep parameter to give dynamic shape to your sound. To keep controls to a minimum, the Akai EWI 4000S comes with a MAC/PC editor program on which to customize your sounds. You can store edited programs and recall settings instantly during performance.Touch-sensitive keys Customizable sax-style fingering Preset sounds with 2 VCO + 2 VCF, dual-voice analog modeling 2-Digit 7-Segment LED program display Chorus, reverb, and deverb effects Octave roller Breath sensitivity for expressive dynamics Onboard analog-modeling synth sound module MIDI output PC and Mac editor software for internal sounds MIDI output for use with sound modules Lightweight and portable MIDI I/O Battery power (AA x 2) or optional AC adapter
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